UV Disinfection Module Kits & Accessories

UV Reflector Module, Plug & Play Kit

Our plug and play UV module comes with Stainless steel constructed lamp frame with an reflector. We can accommodate various lamp length from 212mm up to 843mm. Mounting hardware variations are available upon request.

The purpose for this product is to facilitate the incorporation of UV lamps into your final product. The kit comes with lamp housing frame, socket and ballast.

APPLICATION: Easily incorporate our module into your UV Disinfection Belt Conveyor, Box or Locker.

Not intended for HVAC use.

UVM UV reflector module with GPH212 357 bottom view

UVM UV reflector module with GPH212 357 top view

UVM UV reflector stainless steel

UVM UV reflector module side

UVM, UV reflector module front

UVM UV reflector module Front access back

Higuchi Plug & Play Kits:

  • Plug and Play UV lamp module – comes with Ballast & socket – ready to mount, incorporate into your disinfection box or device

  • Heavy Duty – Stainless steel lamp fixture frame with Reflector

  • Scalability – Lamp length available from 212mm up to 843mm – 425mA standard lamp or 800mA High output lamp

  • Easy Assembly – just screw together with provided bolts

  • Other design and length available upon request – Call for detailed specification and options

Front Access When you want to access the lamp from inside of your equipment

UVM UV reflector module side

UVM UV reflector module side

Rear Access When you want to access the lamp from outside of your equipment

UVM rear access 1

UVM rear access 2

UVC Cold Cathode lamp and ballast kit

Cold Cathode UV lamp kit

Cold cathode lamps are designed to withstand frequeny on/off operation. Lamp diamiter is 3mm and the lamps can be made in various lengths. These lamps are useful in small areas. Our kit comes with 2 lamps and 1 driver with universal 100V-240V input.

miniature & low profile UV lamp for disinfection of small spaces

Cold Cathode electrode is recommended for frequent On/Off operation and long service life

CCUV lamps can be made in linear or U shape in various length, UVC or Ozone producing – call for options

UVC lamp cold cathode ring, U

UVC cold cathode 2 lamps ballast

Reference specification for our CCUV lampkit

  • ballast powers 2 lamps: Universal input 100V-240V
  • Lamp size: 200mm length x 5mm diameter
  • Lamp wattage: 2.5W x 2 lamps
  • Lamp current: 8.5mA
  • Lamp voltage: 300V
  • UV output power 254nm: 0.75W
  • UV intensity @ 0cm (lamp surface): 2000μW/cm2
  • Rated average life @ 70% original output: 10,000hrs

many other types available-call for options

Other UV MODULE & Accessories (Lamp, Ballast, Socket, Acrylic Filter)

GTL3 mini UV lamp kit

Plug and Play 120VAC

UV lamp mini GTL3 Kit

UV lamp mini GTL3


UVM UV reflector module ballast angle


UV lamp socket 4P circline G10Q front

UV lamp socket 4P circline G10Q side

UV lamp socket 4P circline G10Q flange side

UV lamp socket 4P circline G10Q flange side

Acrylic UVC cut Filter panel

Useful for work area safety, UVC inspection stations, Demonstration box

Acrilic plate UVC cut filter

Waterproof submersible lamp sleeve

Utilitarian design waterproof jacket with power cord. Insert lamps inside the jacket for moisture or water proof applications.

Extra waterproof silicone applied to all critical components

UV lamp length can be modified to your specification. up to 60″ long

UV lamp Water proof submersible